‘Jaw-dropping’ / State Street facelift? / Radio bloodbath

Charlie Meyerson
3 min readJan 15, 2020

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‘Jaw-dropping.’ Poynter media critic Tom Jones analyzes a CNN moderator’s misstep in last night’s presidential debate — a question about disputed reports that Bernie Sanders had told Elizabeth Warren she couldn’t win the presidency — a moment that Jones says was “stunning in its ineptness” …
■ … and that set a #CNNisTrash hashtag trending on Facebook.
■ Warren and Sanders had words after the debate.
■ CNN analyst Chris Cillizza: “Someone is lying. Or, at the very least, badly misremembering.”
The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah credits Warren for a devastating putdown: “Not since Kill Bill have I seen one woman obliterate that many men in one fell swoop.”
■ Here’s a full transcript of the debate.
The Washington Post tracked which candidates talked how much last night and found one gender dominated, although The New York Times’ rankings were a little different.
■ Near the bottom of both lists: Joe Biden, who Vox’s Matthew Yglesias says skated by again.
■ Not on stage last night: Ex-New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who’s spent millions on Chicago TV ads since November.
■ An interactive updated Washington Post poll aims to reveal which of the Democrats you agree with most.
■ The Tribune’s Mary Schmich: “Stop telling me who’s electable and who’s not.”

College tries. The candidates split on how to address college students’ soaring debt.
■ Speaking of which, the University of Illinois is poised to raise its president’s base pay by 40% — $235,000 a year.

Meanwhile in Trumpworld … President Trump was ranting in Milwaukee about toilets.
Impeachment heads to the Senate today — literally walked across the Capitol
■ … for a trial to be prosecuted by this newly named team of seven House Democrats.
■ Russia has a political crisis of its own: Its entire government is quitting to protest President Putin’s latest power grab.

State Street facelift? A coalition of downtown businesses has commissioned an urban design firm to consider whether Chicago’s great street deserves an overhaul.
■ Columnist Phil Kadner: Never mind red-light cameras at intersections; “it might be more effective to have automated cameras watching government officials 24 hours a day.”

City Council’s Chuck and Larry moment. Citing a 2007 comedy, a Chicago alderman warned about the possibility of fraud if the city moves ahead with special consideration for gay business owners.
■ On today’s City Council agenda: A strengthening of the city’s immigrant “sanctuary” law.
■ Mayor Lightfoot’s come around to supporting a plan to slow gentrification along The 606 bike and pedestrian trail.
■ A new report finds real estate prices along part of The 606 have more than tripled in seven years.
■ See today’s City Council meeting on the web.

Radio bloodbath. Dozens of broadcasters across the country — including at least three nighttime Chicago DJs — are out of work under iHeartMedia’s move to “modernize our company.”
■ WGN-TV’s new owner, Nexstar, plans to launch a three-hour nightly national newscastNews Nation — out of the station’s Chicago studios.
Jeopardy! spoiler: Last night’s special determined the game’s “Greatest of All Time.”

■ For the second time in two weeks, a lion is dead at Brookfield Zoo.
■ Chicago’s venerable Blommer Chocolate Co. is closing its storefront shop to expand manufacturing operations responsible for the chocolatey smell that often charms the city’s air.



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