Practicing what I preach

Charlie Meyerson
1 min readJan 5, 2017

As I’ve been telling anyone who asks (and several who haven’t): Email rules.

It’s a direct line from you to your fans (customers, followers, sympathizers, whatever). No Facebook or Twitter algorithms can break it. You control it.

And it provides quick and invaluable audience insights.

So it’s about time I made my Medium posts accessible by email.

And so I have.

I’ve mixed together the RSS feeds for my Meyerson Strategy blog and my Medium postings into one stream to power my ongoing email list. Now, with one signup, you can get it all.

Sign up right here to get these posts—and more—by email.

I hope you’ll join the fun.

P.S. I’m cooking up something new. You’ll hear more about it by email, of course.



Charlie Meyerson

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